We Advocate Care.    We Pactice Care.    Telecommunication Care, We are the Best.     We do what we say we can. Hentel litecare is Quality.

Hentel is a certified and Direct Verizon Contractor presently doing MDU Path Creation. also to accept direct niche Legacy Jobs from any department within Verizon. Hentel is a direct vendor for verizon and ConEd telecommunication.

For years, Hentel litecare has done several tasks including FiOS Setup, MDU AND BAU Engineering. in Manhattan NY / Bronx / Queens / Buffalo / Long Island / Yonkers / Poughkeepsie / Connecticut areas.  Such tasks as FiOS Path creation, OSP engineering,  Setup and trouble shoot same These jobs were done by way of, directing Contracting. Other Tasks were done for Outside Plant Engineers such as Power Troubles and other Emergency or niche tasks.  We have done dsx wiring and tested T1s  for AT&T wireless and Bectel. 

Hentel Litecare has also done installation for Cable and Wireless by way sub for Tangible Value inc.     

Hentel Litecare has a pool of Dedicated Engineers/Technicians With Verizon/Alcatel experiences with over 44 years in the business of Installation, Carrier transmission, telephone Switch operations and voice traffic. 

On site support, On the job training and Formal Training are some of Hentel's forte'.  Hentel boasts on the ability of, dedication to all jobs. Hentel Litecare stays with a job by continual follow ups. Even after a paid task is completed. 

Oscar Henry the key Engineer and President, have played many major rolls in Telecommunication within this 44 years.    He was the go to guy during the setup of MCIs International network at Cristal Lake.   He Setup, tested and did on the job training for sprint and MCI 1st STP project.  Then he setup and trained more than 35 NYNEX/Verizon personel on their largest Private Line project called NRS/SIA using (CMS and VAX Computers).   Then He spear headed the Verizon Litespan testing project throughout the verizon footprint. He was the lead Field Engineer during the four largest Litespan/Switch cutovers at Bronx(Edison CEV), (Queens Whitestone CEV), ( Buffalo Williams Ville and Lockport Switch).    Has supervised the AT&T Wireless 3G expansion Project, Working For BeckTel being placed in the war room.  He has excellent Trouble shooting skills. Can do almost anything in Telecommunication. A very controled and Calm demenor.



email him  olhenry@hentellitecare.com and or vzhenlite@gmail.com